Beat the Back to School Rush!

Poster School Starts Soon…
Let us help you meet these requirements for Georgia School Enrollment
- Provide Needed Vaccinations to meet Grade Requirements
- Transfer immunization Records to Georgia Certificate of Immunizations
- Provide Certificate of Nutrition, Eye, Ear and Dental Screening

Contact your local health department for more information.


Health Inspections

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Find the most recent inspection reports for...
Restaurants, Hotels and Schools
and for Bars, Tattoo Establishments and Pools

ServSafe Class Information

We're Hiring!

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Nutritionist | Dietician & Nutritionist (WL)

Local Young Child Wellness Coordinator | Program Consultant (AL)

Nurse Practitioner | Phys. Asst. & Practitioner (WL)

Speech Language Pathologist | Audiology & Speech Language Pathologist (WL)

Social Service Provider I | Behavioral Health/Provider (WL)


Free HIV Testing Offered at Columbus Health Department

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Free confidential HIV testing and counseling offered Monday - Friday
Call today to learn about our Free HIV rapid test which only takes 20 minutes.


Hepatitis c testing Free Hepatitis C testing is now available from health departments in the West Central Health District

Call 706-321-6166 for more information or Learn More HERE



Poster Walk – In Lab Services
$30.00 Wellness Panel includes
· Complete Blood Count
· Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
· Thyroid Panel
· Lipid Panel
Wellness Panel Does Not Require a Physician’s Order Call 706-321-6240 for more information